The Little Red Marble series (2 books)




The Little Red Marble: A Journey into Sea Glass

A little red marble begins an extraordinary journey when it is won in a marbles competition and loved by a little girl.  Several years later it is lost when it falls into the Atlantic ocean.

The marble slowly, over the years, turns into a lovely piece of sea glass as it is rolled and tumbled along the ocean floor.
Read about how this little marble is reunited with the little girl 60 years after being lost at sea.

The Little Red Marble: Adventures In The Ocean

As the Little Red Marble thought about all of its adventures while it was in the ocean, it smiled to itself. It remembered the dancing jellyfish, the races it watched between the crabs and the lobsters, the flying fish and the great whale. Its favorite memory though, was when it was a jockey during the seahorse derby.


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