Ben of the Island series (3 books)




Ben of the Island

In the 1800s a hero was born. Ben is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and lived in the Wood Islands Lighthouse on PEI.

There were bears, deer, and lynx on the Island at that time, and Ben challenged a large black bear in order to save the lighthouse keeper and horses. He had many other adventures and became the local hero.

Ben of the Island: Iceboats and Phantom Ship

In the winter of 1885, there was a great storm. Three iceboats, returning over the Northumberland Strait from Nova Scotia, were lost in the gale. Ben, the great Chesapeake Bay Retriever was sent out with the rescuers to find the passengers and crews.
As hope waned, Ben finally found the survivors, led the rescuers to them and all were saved.
During the following summer, BenĀ also witnessed the Phantom ship as it burned in the Northumberland Strait. He was confused as it disappeared without a trace.

Ben of The Island: Storms and Trains

In this new story, Ben makes a friend, rescues sailors during a gale, and finds out exactly what a train is. This is the final book in the Ben series. Watch for the book launch, coming in August.


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